In Native American culture, the assumption is that the cultural values that tribal elders held dear are dead.  Or, dying.  The overall misconception is that these cultural values are not carried on by contemporary Native Americans.  Artists like myself transpose tribal significant imagery, concepts, and values into contemporary platforms.

In native american cultures storytelling is highly regarded as pass time. Also, a form of both education and entertainment. Above all storytelling is a spiritual endeavor.  I share stories with my art.  I am duty bound by my spirituality share my culture creatively through arts and media to serve as a catalyst for other Native Americans and humanity in general.  Thus, I have committed my career to produce art and multimedia projects that include tribal specific themes and concepts.

Two dimensional design is primary focus.  This field of art is inclusive to Drawing, Painting, Photography, Design, and even Videography.  Currently, much of my efforts are devoted to producing video, and motion pictures.  Through these means I intend to incorporate tribal traditional values.  The work I do is no different than the work of ancient artisans and orators.  The only discrepancy is that I have access to technologies particular to my point in time in addition to those before me.


Michael Sekaquaptewa is a multi-tribal Native American artist.  His ancestry is Yakama, Navajo, and Hopi.  Michael is apart the second generation removed from Native American Boarding School practices.  Also, is of 2nd generation Urban Relocation decent.  Michael could be considered first generation of Reconnecting to the tribal lands and culture.  He is apart of a generation of Urban Native Americans leaving the cities and returning to the reservations to reconnect with tribal ways of life.

Informed by arts/media of mainstream broadcasting and pop culture, Michael Sekaquaptewa utilizes art/media production to revive interest and spirit to ancient tribal values and concepts.

Michael’s creativity is supported by his family and tribal communities.  Currently, he is a community advocate and advisor for youth media programs on the Yakama Reservation at the Yakama Nation Public Library.  There he and students produce cultural multimedia projects ranging from short films, stage theatre, design and public cultural events.  Michael is also a freelance multimedia correspondent for the Yakama Nation News and volunteer AM 1490KYNR Radio broadcaster.